Why Bamboo


We care for our today and tomorrow!
Bamboo is the way to go!

When the world is talking about environmental sustainability, it’s time to look at eco- friendly options in our daily lives too. And bamboo just fits the bill perfectly. One of the strongest and most resilient woods in the world, you’d be surprised at its transformation to products that are soft, fluffy and towels! Our company Madake uses innovative and state of the art techniques to develop super luxurious bamboo products for our clients/customers/users.

Considering environmental pollution, global warming, lack of alternative textile resources, the harmful environmental impact of mass production and industrialization, and the necessity of preserving the earth for future generations, bamboo as a resource is a crucial piece that needs to be developed in producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. Environmentally beneficial, bamboo plants produce oxygen, control soil erosion, regulate water levels in watersheds, conserve biodiversity, beautify the landscape, and essentially contribute to the purification and regulation of the ecosystem. Its sustainable for the textile sector too! Rapid growth (100–250 cm/day or 39–98 inches/day) allows large amounts of mass available for fiber processing. Not only that, while harvesting a bamboo if we cut it in the right way, replanting is not required thus allowing the plant to regrow from its origin.

Bamboo plants, generally 6-months to 3-years old, can be harvested for extraction of fibers, giving 10 times more fiber in a unit of land than cotton without any replantation of these perennial plants. Bamboo textiles can also be considered eco-friendly with respect to raw materials; while a forest tree takes as long as 60 years on an average to be replaced after cutting, the bamboo plants may take only 2–3 years to regrow. Bamboo has antibacterial properties which eliminates the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Quicker moisture wicking and drying ability have made bamboo fiber suitable and popular for certain purposes, especially where high amounts of perspiration can be collected in a garment such as in socks and hats. Its anti-static nature and ultraviolet protection also make it consumer friendly. It is especially safe for babies and infants.