New 'Ultra-Soft' Bamboo Towels
from Madake

Absorb Moisture 3x quicker,
Stay Fresh for weeks...

and fight germs!

The softest Towels your skin will ever touch...

What makes Madake bamboo towels Ultra-Soft?

These towels are made from the finest hand-picked bamboo fibers,

each of them crafted with care and attention to detail.

This makes them Ultra-Soft and Silky-Smooth.

'Using Madake feels like clouds of light cotton balls softly brushing up against your skin.' 

Absorbs Sweat and Moisture....

3x Quicker

Madake towels absorb sweat and moisture 3x quicker than cotton or any other microfiber towels in the market.

This makes Madake your perfect workout towel!

‘You don’t even have to rub your skin… just a few light taps and all the moisture is gone, like magic.’

The Towel that doesn't 'smell'

Remember that weird smell your towel had after a few days of use?

You can now forget that!

Because these towels have unique Anti-Odor properties, Madake towels are always Daisy- Fresh, even after repeated use.

‘Forget to wash your towels regularly? Madake is perfect for you.’

Thin and Light as a Feather

Our bath towels are so thin and light, you can fold them up and fit them inside your pocket,

carry them in your purse or small bag...

or fit them in your shoes!

Madake towels fit in almost every nook and corner...
Yet, they are long enough to wrap around your body or hang down from your neck.

your own personalized
Madake Towel

Towels are very personal belongings, and we help you personalize yours.

You can order your own towel with yours or your loved one's name.

Just type your name, choose your favorite font and color and soon your own personalized Madake towel will reach your doorstep. 

Get My Custom Madake Towel!

Madake Towels come in two variants:

Terry Towels

Thin & Light Towels

Madake is the perfect choice for:

  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • Gym Goers
  • Swimmers
  • Backpackers
  • People with sensitive skin

What some experts have to say...

Dr. Rashmi Shetty,
Celebrity Dermatologist 

Ms. Shewta Jain 
Nutritionist and lifestyle coach  

Dr. Rohita Chitithoti

Mr. Romeer Sen
Travel & Fashion Blogger


What our customers say...